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Question 1
1. If a company wants to maintain ethical behavior, its policies,  rules, and standards to encourage ethical decision making
must be written by corporate lawyers.
must be posted in the break room.
must be enforced by rewards for proper behavior and punishments for unacceptable behavior.
should allow employees and managers a large zone of discretion in making ethical choices.
Question 2
The group decision technique designed to maximize the generation of creative alternatives to a problem is
group consensus thinking.
the nominal group technique.
synergistic thinking.
Question 3
When Chipotle was forced to close for an extended period due  to contaminated salad mix, management met regularly with the press in an  interactive technique known as
public relations.
boundary spanning.
Question 4
Westcoast Airline established a goal of 96 percent on-time  departures because it knows on-time departure is an important customer  satisfaction issue. In this example, the “target to be achieved” is
customer satisfaction.
96 percent on-time departures.
increased profits.
stricter regulations.
Question 5
Which of the following is NOT normally considered an advantage of group over individual decision making?
A group can bring more knowledge to bear on a problem than a single person.
Groups generally generate and evaluate more alternatives than a single person.
Group discussions can help clarify confusion and stimulate creative thinking.
Groups take less time to make a decision than an individual because they operate more efficiently.
Question 6
Compounding the waste disposal problem is the fact that more  than 50 percent of all solid waste is comprised of ____, which do not  decompose.
metal goods
nonorganic products
plastic goods
glass products
 Question 7
The gathering of data through questionnaires or personal  interviews, which are then fed back to the surveyed group by the change  agent, is an example of which type of organizational development  intervention?
Process consultation
Role negotiation
Team building
Survey feedback
Question 8
In-Town Veterinary Clinic determines that to improve revenue  it needs to be able to schedule 45 dogs for vaccinations every week. In  this example, “dogs per week” is
the attribute sought.
the target to be achieved.
an index to measure progress.
a time frame.
Question 9
During a planning meeting, Colin encourages everyone on his  team to politely share and contribute to the discussion about a price  penetration strategy for a new blender.  What specific management skill  does Colin demonstrate?
Question 10
Henry Mintzberg’s analysis of management roles showed the importance of
gathering information before making decisions.
hiring the right employees for the job.
having good presentation skills.
running effective meetings.
Question 11
When a CEO describes the company’s future in the succinct  slogan “anywhere, anytime,” what device is the CEO using to facilitate  change?
Developing political support
Negotiating and manipulating
Managing a transition
Communicating a vision
Question 12
Intraglobal is an organization that wants to reduce  manufacturing costs and provide jobs in developing nations. To help meet  these goals, Intraglobal should consider developing a strategy for
global communication.
Question 13
Which of the following is NOT a type of organizational development intervention?
Role negotiation
Team building
Activity planning
Process consultation
Question 14
For businesspersons to be ethical, they must strive for success while
making a profit for owners as their sole guide.
being fair, just, and trustworthy.
following government regulations as long as it doesn’t cost them.
following the policy caveat emptor.
Question 15
While intuitive decision making is not based on formal  analysis or conscious reasoning, it often has a very real basis in
the limitations of logic and rationality.
the need to make real-world decisions.
years of practice and experience.
a manager’s ability to make good guesses.


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