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Mission Advance Briefing

Wife and two teen male children of Fortune 100 U.S. corporation CEO, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, will be vacationing in Lima, Peru with his wife’s sister. Ground travel in Atlanta will be by employed chauffeur. The wife and children will use chartered private aircraft for air travel from Atlanta to Lima and return. A scheduled stop is slated for Miami International Airport, Miami, FL, where the plane will refuel, and they will be joined by the wife’s sister. The sister suffers from asthma. Further, she is limited in the amount of strenuous walking she can do at one time. Ground travel in Lima and Nazca will be by 2 sport utility rental cars. The wife has indicated she would like a local touring company to lead a 2-day sightseeing trip from her, her sister, and children on day 2 and 3. The daily tours will be approximately 4 hours each day. The group will be staying in an exclusive beach resort hotel. Each member of group will have a private room at both hotels The Lima hotel has a security manager. Group will RON at Nazca hotel on night 4. Nazca hotel has no dedicated security operation and relies on local Nazca police precinct for security.


Mission to consist of 5 days, 4 nights

Day 1: Private Air travel to Lima International Airport, Lima, Peru; ground travel to hotel, Lima, Peru and RON; meals w/hotel room service or hotel restaurant.

Day 2: Local Lima area touring; beach time; RON at Lima hotel; meals TBD

Day 3: Local Lima area touring; beach time; RON at Lima hotel; meals TBD

Day 4: Day trip to Nazca to view “Nazca Lines” (6 1/2 hours south of Lima/448km) and RON at Nazca area 4-star hotel; meals TBD; group with tour guide to travel from Hotel helipad, Lima to Nazca Municipal Airport by chartered helicopter.

Day 5: Chartered helicopter travel from Nazca Municipal Airport to Lima International Airport; private jet to Miami, FL for refuel and discharge of sister; private jet continues on to Atlanta, GA; ground travel to residence.

Known Intelligence:

Sister speaks Spanish fluently, having served as a missionary in Peru 10 years ago.

Known Medical Concerns:

Sister has medical restrictions and limited endurance when walking/hiking. As an asthmatic, sister is required to have short-acting bronchodilators, such as albuterol, to help open the airway to provide short-term relief, inhaled corticosteroids, and long-acting bronchodilators available at all times. She will need a humidifier or vaporizer available in her hotel room.

Known Threat:

None. Wife, sister, and children are not generally known to media as they maintain a low-profile.

Protection team roles:

  1. Event Advance and Medical Detail

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation of a Mission Advance Briefing for the scenario provided. Note the following requirements:

  •  Create 5 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which the team member will discuss specific areas of concern for their assigned area.
  • The Detail Leader will compile the team member’s slides into one cohesive Mission Advance Briefing presentation, and also prepare a summary slide that addresses the following:
  • A roster detailing the student’s names and role assumed for this assignment
  • The number of protection specialists required for the mission
  • Any special requirements, skills, training, or equipment needed

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.


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