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Model Design Assignment

Choose a scientific topic and identify a research question that could be addressed using a scientific model. The purpose of this assignment is to get you to think from the perspective of a modeler. You don’t need to actually build a model, but I’d like you to consider the type of model that would best suit the research question, how the model would be designed, etc. You can pick any type of model we covered in class. You can look at existing literature to get an idea of what an interesting research question could be, but please come up with the idea for the model yourself. Then, in at least 300 words, post answers to the following questions. 

  1. What topic did you choose? What research question did you identify?
  2. What is the target system your model represents? (A target system is the system in the real world that is reproduced by the model)
  3. What type of modeling did you choose to address this question? Please explain your choice.
  4. Describe your model. What are the components? What type of synthetic data would it produce? What kind of results would support or refute your hypothesis?
  5. How does your model increase knowledge about underlying processes?
  6. What challenges might a modeler face if she was going to build your model?
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