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Need Presentation And Research Paper

Need Presentation And Research Paper.

Need a research paper of 20 pages and power point presentation on below Topic and below are the Outline Topics.

Crypto Smart Contracts – Ethereum and the likes”

1. What is Crypto Smart Contract

2. How did it start and when?

3. How smart contract works?

4. Blockchain platform

5. How is Ethereum different than Bitcoin?

6. About Ethereum

7. Key issues faced regarding security

8. Solutions

9. Ethereum Classic

10. Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic

11. Scope and future


Outline of the Report

Title Page- Crypto Smart Contracts- Ethereum and the likes

– Abstract

The executive summary of the report

– List of contents

– Introduction

Introducing the smart contracts and Ethereum

– Background

Origin of the smart contracts- How and When

– Problem statement

The key Issue of security

– Solution

Literature Review regarding the issues found

– Recommendations

Research recommendations after the review

– Conclusion

– References

– Appendixa



Research the assigned topic to your team and write a 20-page report. Your report must contain an abstract, introduction, body contents (subheadings), evaluation, conclusion, references. The report should be APA compliant (double-spaced, spelling, grammar, references & word formatting). Make sure to upload your report at the discussion section for the residency.


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of the assigned and researched topic. Prepare and give a 1-hour presentation of the assigned topic (40 minutes presentation and 20 minutes for discussion). Each member of your team will speak (about 10-minute each) during the presentation session, so make your presentation thorough and upload it at the discussion section for the residency.

Hints for your slides: Excellent visuals for the topic; background, graphics, and text complement the presentation and are congruent with the message of the presentation. Excellent notes (note view) are included or voice-over was used for details of presentations. Transitions are used between slides and animations are used on individual slides.  


Goal – Make it simple, understandable and presentable.

Need Presentation And Research Paper


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