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Q1: (40 points)
You are a fashion designer and you are requested to organize the fashion show in Kuwait
City. The fashion show must illustrate the Kuwait heritage. Multiple designers must
cooperate to accomplish this task. The background stage must promote the love of
Kuwait. The organizer is requesting to produce clothes form recyclable materials. The
dresses should be designed in a way to respect the local culture. The suggested day of the
show is 20 of April 2018. A minimum of 100 dresses must be presented in the show. 50
% of designers should be recruited locally.
The design is made in Kuwait. However, you have to sell it to Japan, Oman and European
List of Standards
1. GSO-BD09100504 : GCC Standard Organization -General Product Safety Regulation
2. SASO 885/1994 : Personal protective equipment
3. GSO 2530:2016 : Energy Labelling And Minimum Energy Performance Requirements For AirConditioners
GSO 2260:2012Head Cloth– Woolen Shemagh And Wool Blended Shemagh
5. ISO 16000-3:2017 : Indoor air — Part 3: Determination of formaldehyde and other carbonyl
compounds in indoor air and test chamber air — Active sampling method
6. GSO 18021:2013 : Information technology — User interfaces for mobile tools for management of
database communications in a client-server model
7. GSO ISO 20433:2013 Leather — Tests for color fastness — Color fastness to crocking
8. CEN/TC 182 : Refrigerating systems, safety and environmental requirements
9. ISO 10002, Quality management – Customer satisfaction – Guidelines for complaints handling in
10. IEC 60950-1- Information technology equipment – Safety – Part 1: General requirements
11. GSO-BD09100504- GCC Standard Organization -General Product Safety Regulation
12. ISO 18890:2018 Clothing — Standard method of garment measurement
13. ISO/TC 133 Clothing sizing systems – size designation, size measurement methods and digital
14. CEN 13402-1: Terms, definitions and body measurement procedure
15. GSO ISO/TR 9240:2014 Textiles — Design of apparel for reduced fire hazard
16. GSO ISO 3637:2014 Size Designation Of Clothes — Women’s And Girls’ Outerwear Garments


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