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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help.

  • Review the Skin Conditions document provided in this week’s Learning  Resources, and select one condition to closely examine for this Lab  Assignment.
  • Consider the abnormal physical characteristics you observe in the  graphic you selected. How would you describe the characteristics using  clinical terminologies?
  • Explore different conditions that could be the cause of the skin abnormalities in the graphics you selected.
  • Consider which of the conditions is most likely to be the correct diagnosis, and why.
  • Search the Walden library for one evidence-based practice,  peer-reviewed article based on the skin condition you chose for this Lab  Assignment.
  • Review the Comprehensive SOAP Exemplar found in this week’s Learning Resources to guide you as you prepare your SOAP note.
  • Download the SOAP Template found in this week’s Learning Resources, and use this template to complete this Lab Assignment.

The Lab Assignment

  • Choose one skin condition graphic (identify by number in your Chief  Complaint) to document your assignment in the SOAP (Subjective,  Objective, Assessment, and Plan) note format rather than the traditional  narrative style. Refer to Chapter 2 of the Sullivan text and the  Comprehensive SOAP Template in this week’s Learning Resources for  guidance. Remember that not all comprehensive SOAP data are included in  every patient case.
  • Use clinical terminologies to explain the physical characteristics  featured in the graphic. Formulate a differential diagnosis of three to five possible  conditions for the skin graphic that you chose. Determine which is most  likely to be the correct diagnosis and explain your reasoning using at  least three different references, one reference from current  evidence-based literature from your search and two different references  from this week’s Learning Resources.
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Nursing homework help


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