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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Strategies for New-Product Introduction
There are three approaches to developing new products:  market pull, technology push and interfunctional.

  • Please pick one approach and provide a specific example (product) that the approach was applied.
  • Did this approach give a competitive advantage?

Please include citations from the textbook or a scholarly article; MLA required.
Defination for 3 approaches:
Market Pull: “Make what we can sell”

  • Organize resources to fulfill customer demand
  • Food industry

Technology Push: “Sell what we can make”

  • Develop superior technologies and products
  • Electronics

Interfunctional View:  most difficult

  • Cross-functional design team – marketing, engineering, operations, finance
  • Challenge to gain cooperation of all functions
  • Consider existing and new markets

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Operations Management homework help


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