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You have recently returned to your hometown and have had several dinners with friends who admire the widgets you have created to sell.  They encourage you to open a small business.  Your friend, Sam said he will help bankroll this venture which he feels can be local as well as international.
You are scheduled to meet with Sam who has asked you to draft out provisions of the contract.

  • Identify the provisions and issues you would want addressed in this contract?
  • How would these provisions change for a local or international contract?
  • How will you protect yourself from breaches of contracts?
  • Research a company that has dealt with breaches of contracts.

What can you learn from their experience and how will you apply that to your new business contract?
For maximum points, please be sure to support your opinion in two full pages with facts from the textbook, research or resources along with citation of those sources.
Requirements: APA Format, 12 PT Font, Times New Roman, Double Space


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