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Opinion Questions In (2 HOURS) !

Opinion Questions In (2 HOURS) !.

  • Based on your prior knowledge (if any), as well as the class lecture and supplemental reading, did you feel confident in critically assessing the organizational needs according to the business startup idea that was provided for you (Online public school for grades K-12) and the strategic management step that was assigned to your group?
  • What concerns did you consider individually that you shared with your group (or kept to yourself) as your team assessed the assignment?  In other words, explain what strategies you used to determine what to consider for the strategic process step assigned to your team?
  • After hearing/seeing the items for consideration from the other teams, did their information assist your team in assessing your assigned strategic management step?  Explain, and be prepared to comment on your team members’ post in this discussion board.
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Opinion Questions In (2 HOURS) !


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