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Original Work – Please Answer All Questions

Original Work – Please Answer All Questions.

Transportation: In this section, first consider the effectiveness of Walmart’s transportation network in order to then determine possible cost savings without sacrificing performance.
A. Evaluation
1. Identify constraints within the transportation network and discuss the impact they will have on the overall supply chain operation. Be sure to provide specific examples to illustrate.
2. Analyze the transportation network and determine whether or not the correct modes of transportation are being used based on time, cost, and quantity.
B. Recommendations: Make recommendations on how to improve the transportation network given the constraints you identified, using specific examples to illustrate and justify your claims.
Warehousing: In this section, first analyze Walmart’s warehousing network to in order to then determine requirements and develop recommendations for adequately meeting current and future storage needs.
A. Evaluation 1. Analyze the current warehousing infrastructure to determine if the current warehousing network adequately meets storage needs. Additionally, consider eventual expansion requirements of Walmart’s operation. What are the constraints or restrictions involved in the possible locations? 2. Identify considerations for special handling of hazardous materials and describe their impact on warehousing for the current mix of products that Walmart’s SCM is handling, using specific examples.
B. Recommendations
1. Determine warehousing requirements that will ensure adequate availability of resources for the organization. Support your proposed requirements with given production and demand elements from the scenario.
2. Based on your determination of requirements, recommend a warehouse design that will minimize movements between functions and reduce costs. Explain how your recommendation will drive this improvement throughout the network, considering facility costs, inventory carrying costs, personnel costs, and equipment costs

Original Work – Please Answer All Questions


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