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Peers Response 2

peers response

For Your Peer Responses:
In no less than 150 words, respond to your classmates’ posts by commenting on one or more of the following.
What was similar about your evaluation? What was different?  What have you learned from their evaluation? Where might you use this type of writing in your career field? MY CAREER IS HEALTH SERVICES ADMINISTRATION
1.    I watched the video clip about donut hell is not only entertaining but has some life lessons which are advanced to the audience. The use of comic ideas makes it enjoyable to watch. Not only does the clip regard entertainment as its major theme but also it advances educational value to the audience. This is through disseminating essential information on some important aspects that are upheld in our society. Specifically, this clip draws the attention of the judicial system in the land and how powerful people disregard some of the values upheld by the lowly in the society. The audience gets both entertainment value as well as educational value of their societal values.
2.                        This is one of the longest running animated prime series of all time. It has received popularity across all aged. However, most important to comprehend is that the target audience is adult and mature people at early 40’s especially male. For the adults it can be highly noted that they appreciate the entertainment value they receive from the clip but for the grown up, the clips have positive message to the society which can be used to educate, warn or even guide in the right way of living. In regards to the clip, it has positive message to the adults on the impact of failing to follow instructions and going against stipulated rules. The punishment can be very severe such that no one should even dare to flaw instructions.
3.                     On watching the video, we comprehend the theme of the clip is moral choices have consequences. The guy who was very much addicted to eating donuts did not care the consequences that could befall on him even when he defied simple rules. At first, he was saved and he even thought that no one saw him while taking the donut. No warning was advanced but the consequences which befell on him were sufficient for him not to repeat. Life in hell was not a joke and the lesson le obtained was enough to guide him in his entire life.
On essay

  •   As per the title of the essay, revealing the ugly cartoonish truth, Benlow implies the current state of the society. It is full of social evils and even though the truth can’t be expressed directly, the audience has to understand all these social flaws despite how the activities may be silently carried out, the truth remains that they are social evils. Simpsons sees the current society to have been greatly misled by leaders. I firmly concur with him because leadership of a nation determines the path the country will take. Elite leaders promote justice and unity while corrupt leaders promote evil society
  • In my hometown, it is more or less like Springfield because the society has nothing to be proud of. Corruption is on rise with academic institutions receiving no funds from federal government. The current government does not promote democracy, poor business practices and use of unethical production practices. The epitome of exaggeration is reached when Simpson claims that government is not of the people but mob of self-perpetuating boozers and womanizers.
  • Benlow symbolize the nature of leaders represented in the cartoons with paintings representing ill behaviors they perpetrate in the society. I concur with him because the current leadership has been flawed by greedy self-perpetrating leaders.

Rhetorical  Star

  • The subject matter of evaluation is poor leadership in the society. The topic is not engaging but very interesting as the audience is interested in understanding means leaders employ to corrupt the society.
  • The intended audience for the essay is the entire society. This is because for a change to be effected, all stakeholders in the society have to take part.
  • Benlows’s main purpose of writing this essay was to educate. He did achieve his purpose as through it social evils perpetrated by leaders are exposed hence society is aware of their current state of society.
  • The writer heavily employs use of descriptions in his work. The nature of leaders as self-perpetrators and womanizers. This clearly advances use of description.
  • The essay is very much effective and this is determined by the extent to which the desired information is well delivered to the audiences. His message was well received by audience hence very effective.

Kaleigh Craft
1-I have watched The Simpsons all of my life. I have always thought of it as purely entertaining until reading Revealing the Ugly Cartoonish Truth: The Simpsons. After reading this article, the show started making a lot more sense to me. I would have never thought that the show was really shedding a light on everyday American life. I chose to watch The Simpsons– “Donut Hell.” I had actually seen this episode before and never really thought anything about the underlying message until now. The video definitely reveals a lot about today’s society. In the clip it shows Homer making a deal with the devil and selling his soul for a donut. Homer tries to outsmart the devil by not finishing the whole donut at first and tells the devil that he is smarter. I feel like this tells a lot about our society in the sense that some people feel like they can outsmart the devil, and some people think that their actions will go unpunished. Homer eventually finishes the donut and is forced to spend the day in Hell until he has a fair trial the next day. While Homer is in Hell, he is forced to eat all of the donuts in the world. Homer eventually eats all of the donuts, and instead of crying out in pain from eating all of the donuts, he continues to ask for me. I feel like this scene is talking about America’s obesity problem, and how some Americans do not stop eating when they should. The audience for this show is for adults. I did watch the show growing up as a kid, but I did not understand all of the jokes and puns like I do now. The point of the video was to show how some people think that they can outsmart the devil, and how some people do not know when they should stop eating.


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