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Persuasive Reviews

Persuasive Reviews

REMINDER: See how many of the questions from the Guidelines for Analysis of Persuasive SpeechesPreview the documentView in a new window you can answer by reading over the transcripts of these speeches. Also, see how well you can identify the introduction, previews, body with central and main ideas, transitions, and summary or conclusion.
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1.The Horrors of Puppy Mills (Lucas, 2011)
2.Bursting the Antibacterial Bubble (Lucas, 2011)
Please few minute video watch answer the question from 1-9
             Checklist for Persuasive Speech
Your speech should be 4-7 minutes. You must have evidence that is valid to support the logic that you use for your speech, for your audience, as well as for your topic and the persuasive position that you are expressing.
Review your preparatory and your speaking outline. As part of your speaking outline for your assignment in this module, make sure that you are answering the following questions.
1. What type of issue are you addressing? (question of fact, value, policy, appeal for passive acceptance, appeal to action, some combination, or other type of issue)
2. Who is your audience? In what context? What do you know about your audience? What approaches would appeal to your audience? What questions or doubts are they likely to have? Will it be important to use visual aids or avoid them for your persuasive speech? (in this module, it is more important to focus on the development of your speech; if a visual aid is appropriate for both your topic and your audience, and if you are comfortable using a visual aid, then you may include it; however, you may have noticed that the most compelling persuasive speeches of our time have not used visual aids)
3. What is your major premise, your minor premise, and your conclusion? (even if you do not present this in your speech, it is important to know your own logic that leads you to your position)
4. How have you addressed the arguments for an opposing point of view regarding the issue you are raising in your speech?
5. What reasoning strategy will you use in your speech? Why? (what form of reasoning, such as example to generality; causal; analogical)
6. What evidence will you use? What makes the evidence credible to the audience? Why are you using this evidence? What are your sources? (include specific evidence, details, examples)
7. How does your evidence relate to your logic?
8. How will you use respected role models to demonstrate the attitude or dispositions that you wish the audience to accept? How will you engage the audience in having to work through the thinking about issues?
9. What emotional or value appeals will you make? Why? (what are the particular values or emotions to which you will appeal)
  REMINDER: Build your answers into your introduction, previews, body of central and main ideas, wrap up transitions, and your summary and/or conclusion. Use an organization, language, and delivery of your speech that will be perceived as credible and become memorable for your audience
What I did simply analysis, I did’t anwer from 1-9, Please answer those question, here it was my answer.

The Horrors of Puppy Mills
The Horrors of puppy mills addresses the issue of puppy breeding in puppy mills and the effects of such practices on the puppies. Picture yourself in a cramped cage living in your own fences; freezing in the winter and scorching in the summer; living a life of neglect, abuse, torture, and suffering; and once outliving your usefulness facing a brutal ending filled with malnutrition, dehydration, and sickness; death being your welcoming release. It creates a perfect picture of the conditions under which the puppies are raised and effects on the growing puppy a life as a grown up dog. This address is given to prospective dog owners who are getting to know of the circumstances under which the puppies in the mills grow.
The major premise in this transcript is the poor conditions under which the puppies grow. This pulls great attention to the phrases supporting the poor conditions under which the puppies grow. This includes the lack of grooming, exposure to the sun and light. It gives an analysis of the general observations of the situation at hand. I would present evidence that relates to my general logic in that it presents the actual situation on the ground regarding mass production of animals or produce. Mass production for commercial purpose is always linked to disregard for other factors of conditions of life.
The most effective reasoning strategy is to expose the conditions of cruelty to which the puppies are exposed to and then make the listeners identify with the situation at hand- the mistreatment of puppies brought up in puppy mills.
The use of credible evidence and creation of mental images works well to convince the audience. This can be through exposure of the inhumane conditions that the puppies are subjected to. More to convincing the audience is by showing the effects that these conditions have on the health and psychological growth of the puppy. For instance, the puppies are not properly fed, they are sickly, thirsty, and have eye problems and various infections that affect the general being of the puppy. Another impact is the lack of grooming which exposes the puppy to risks of diseases and other uncomfortable experiences for the puppy and the dogs they mature into.
Puppy Mills are still running, the living conditions of puppy mills, the breeding of dogs in puppy mills, and how to take action against puppy mills. We need to boycott buying puppies from pet stores and support the prohibition of puppy mills. The change can start with you so take action today against Puppy Mills. The owners of the puppy mills are inclined to maximize output with little regards to the health of the puppies.
Bursting the Antibacterial Bubble 
Bursting the antibacterial bubble, a case scenario is presented of a kid born with low immunity system and requires utmost care and protection from any harm or diseases. All these in a bid to create a bacterial bubble that provides protection for the child with a low immune system. Similar principles are applied today as people try anything possible to avoid contracting bacterial or fungal infections. This is primarily done using antibacterial hand washes and tissues.
In presenting this, the issue at hand is factual and with adequate easily available evidence. I would make a point of creating distinctive differences between the created case scenario and the actual issue on increased use of hand sanitizers and antiseptics to keep away from bacterial infections.
My major premise would focus on the need to create a bubble of protection from infections from elements around us. This, I would have a couple with the various evidence of the increased use of antiseptics, anti- bacterial tissues and hand washes. This I would support with factors from increased demand and sales of the anti- bacteria’s. The increased sales are an evidence of increased uptake of these products by the market. With the changing times, people are becoming more careful and try every possible bit to avoid infections


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