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You will write a 3-4 page, 12 point font, normal margin paper in response to the following prompt. The paper is due 12/18 by midnight.
In sections 10-13 of Deliverance from Error, al-Ghazali argues that neither sense-data nor rational data can provide secure and certain knowledge. Do you think that his argument succeeds? If so, why? If not, why not? To answer this question you must first characterize al-Ghazali’s conception of secure and certain knowledge (which he presents in section 7) and then reconstruct and analyze his argument that sense-data and rational data cannot provide such knowledge so understood. If you think al-Ghazali’s argument does not succeed, you must consider how he might respond to your objections. Even if you think al-Ghazali’s argument does succeed, you must nevertheless consider possible objections to it and explain why you think those objections do not succeed.
Please if you use outside sources and quote them cite the source or paraphrase ! Attached below is our essay writing guides, and a powerpoint on the topic please read them before writing. My professor wants it very specific.

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