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planning and execution

planning and execution.

Week 3 Assignment:

Last week, you conducted some basic data gathering and analysis in your organization. From that data gathering, you should have identified a few developmental needs for enhancing the performance of individuals, teams, and leaders. In other words, needs for enhancing the performance of the organization. This week, you will design a basic training and development intervention for individuals that includes at least two different intervention methods. An intervention is a specific action or series of actions taken to address a specific problem that you have identified. 

Planning and Execution:

  • What needs emerged from your data gathering and analysis that connect to individuals in the organization (rather than teams or the organization as a whole unit. You will also be looking at leader development issues later in the project, so focus on other individual concerns where possible this week.).
    • What evidence can you provide to support your conclusions? 
    • Are there any pieces of evidence that might contradict your conclusion?
  • Are there specific individuals with performance issues that need addressed?
    • What evidence can you provide to support your conclusions?
    • Are there any pieces of evidence that might contradict your conclusion? 
  • Are there factors or issues related to several individuals, categories of individuals, or individuals in general that need addressed? 
    •  What evidence can you provide to support your conclusions? 
    • Are there any pieces of evidence that might contradict your conclusion? 
  • What are the specific action steps (intervention plan)  that are needed to address the concerns? 
    • Who needs to be involved in the plan for it to be a success? 
    • What is the time frame for implementing your plan?


Prepare a one page paper that addresses the following issues.that addresses the following issues.

  • What is the organization you are working with (to remind your readers)? 
  • What are the needs you should address? 
  • What are the intervention methods (e.g., roleplaying, etc.) that you will use?
  • Who will need to participate (at any level) in the training and development initiative?
  • When will the initiative take place?
  • What is the basic schedule for rolling out your initiative? 

Remember, your focus for this week’s development initiative (interventions) should be on the individuals in the organization. Next week, you will apply interventions for your team or the teams in your organization. The following week, you will apply interventions for leader development and succession.


  • Review the memo tips guide
  • You do not need to provide a title page
  • Copy and paste you memo into the Discussion Area dialogue box. 
  • Cite any resources using APA even though the rest of the paper is in memo format rather than APA. 

planning and execution


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