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Political 101 Due In 2 Hours!!!!

Political 101 Due In 2 Hours!!!!.


Identify the city in which you reside, your current congressional   district number and the name of your current representative. (submit information   {PDF Format – one to two lines}  

I live in longbeach ca

2.)students will be required to submit current events throughout the course.  Article must be current (within the week of due date) and relevant to topics covered in the course, an important event going on in your community or globally.  You will be required to summarize the article (a couple of paragraphs; no more than 1 page; typewritten {PDF Format}); include article source; and submit on MyLabsPlus.   If Current Event assignments are turned in prior to the week of due date, it will be rejected and you will not receive credit. Current events are worth 5 points. 

Political 101 Due In 2 Hours!!!!


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