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Power Point On Liver Cirrhosis

Power Point On Liver Cirrhosis.

In-Depth Study of Pathophysiological Disease Process

Introduction and Alignment

Each student will choose pathology of specific interest and prepare a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation, APA style on the subject.  This information will be presented online during the appropriate class time.  The presentation will cover background and prevalence of the disorder, related anatomy and physiology, etiology, related laboratory and diagnostic tests (differential diagnosis), treatment, possible outcome, and complications of the disease process. You should use the notes section to add more depth to the presentation. These should not be more than 25-30 slides not including references and rubric.

You must also develop two questions that your classmates will respond to. The PPT should be posted by day three of Workshop Eight. You must also respond to four of your classmates questions by the end of the workshop.

See the grading criteria located below for guidelines for assessment of this project.

Upon successful completion of this assignment you should be able to:

  • Discuss the basic pathophysiology of a specific disease process
  • Explain the presentation and diagnostics related to this diagnosis
  • Develop a treatment plan to address the disease process


  1. Navigate to the In-Depth threaded discussion below and submit a first and second choice topic for your PowerPoint presentation to your facilitator by day seven of the workshop.
  2. The facilitator will confirm what topic you will research.
  3. The In-depth Study of a Pathophysiological Disease Process assignment and discussion is due at the end of Workshop Eight.

Navigate to the threaded discussion here.

Assessment Criteria

WS8-In Depth Study of Pathophysiological Disease Process Grading Grid

Assessed Item


Background and prevalence of the pathology:


Related anatomy and physiology:


Etiology and pathogenesis:


Laboratory and Diagnostic tests:


Signs and Symptoms:


Treatment of pathology:


Outcome, prognosis, and complications:


Implications for advanced practice nurse:


Logic, readability and APA format:


Two questions posed for classmates to answer:


Total Points


Power Point On Liver Cirrhosis


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