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Programming Assignment 3 (Save In ZIP File) (Visual Basic)

Programming Assignment 3 (Save In ZIP File) (Visual Basic).

Windows Forms App (.NET Framework) Save as CSassignment3


Programming Assignment 3 Instructions

This week you are going to take your youth camp program further and utilize subs and functions. The user will enter the values and the program will determine the total cost of the trip based on the entry from the user. The program will use a function to determine the cost and a sub to clear the data.

  1. Form Setup
    1. You must save your project using your initials in the name** This is required and the project will not be accepted otherwise.
    2. Design your screen to look like the one below.
    3. Update the backcolor to the color of your choice.
    4. Lock all controls.
    5. Use appropriate naming conventions for controls and variables.
      1. Txt for textbox
      2. Lbl for label
      3. Frm for form
      4. Chk for checkbox
      5. Lst for listbox
    6. Tab Control must flow in order and not go to the total textbox
    7. All buttons have access keys
    8. The lstbox must be cleared before written to.
    9. Choose 4 locations of your choice for camp and add them to a dropdownlist combo: The price per day should not show but these prices will be used in the program.
      1. Location1 – price per day $500
      2. Location 2 – price per day $100
      3. Location 3 – price per day $50
      4. Location 4 – price per day $150
  2. Code
    1. A travel fee in the amount of $300 must be stored in a constant variable
    2. Create a comment section at the beginning of the code with the name of the assignment, purpose of the assignment, and your name. Comments must be throughout each sub of the application.
    3. Remove any subs that are not utilized by the program
  3. Calculate Button
    1. The information that was entered should be checked to make sure there are values entered. If the user entry contains null values, the user should be so advised, and the user should be directed to the text box that contains the error. The user must enter a group name, location, day of travel, and number of travelers. Make sure your error messages are meaningful.
    2. Determine if insurance is wanted based on the value of the checked box. Set the value of insurance to zero if the option is not checked and $150 if the option is checked.
    3. Store the amounts entered by the user in variables and use these variables in the formula.
    4. Call the calculate function to retrieve the value of the daily cost
    5. Utilize a for loop to display a camper total for the cost per number of youth added
    6. Calculate the cost for the total trip using the calculation below:

((number of people) * (daily cost of trip) * (number of days)) + insurance amount + fee

  1. Display the total cost of the trip
  2. Call a sub to determine if a bus is needed for the trip
  3. Make sure all costs are shown as currency
  4. Make sure all spacing is accurate
  5. Calculate function
    1. Determine the price per day depending on the location selection. You must show you can use a case statement for this decision.
    2. Return the daily cost
  6. Bus Sub
    1. Receives the number of travelers
    2. Checks to see if the number of travelers is over 10. If over 10 the bus label is updated to display a Y. If the number of travelers is less than 10 the bus label is updated to display a N
  7. Close Button
    1. The application quits when the button is pressed
  8. Clear Button
    1. The text boxes are cleared
    2. The check box is cleared
    3. The listbox is cleared
    4. The combobox is cleared
    5. The Bus label is cleared
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Programming Assignment 3 (Save In ZIP File) (Visual Basic)


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