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Project 4 Follow All Steps And Directions

Project 4 Follow All Steps And Directions.

Project 4: Ethical Dilemma You Have Faced/Miami Herald Test

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The Miami Herald test is a method for determining whether or not your actions as a manager or employee are ethical.  If everything you did or said was printed in the Miami Herald, exactly how it happened, would you be comfortable with your friends and relatives reading about it?  If not, you are probably treading on unethical grounds.  This test is so effective because people’ ethics vary, and so it is often a difficult concept to define, but by defining it through this lens, hopefully it becomes more clear to you.

  1. Choose an ethical dilemma you have faced in hospitality, or you are worried about facing.
  2. Look at other threads in the Supplemental Reading Post and do not duplicate an item already listed.
  3. The thread should be titled with the name of the ethical dilemma so everyone can quickly see what has already been taken.
  4. Explain if this is a real or potential ethical dilemma and why it is difficult for you in one to two paragraphs.
  5. Then conduct enough research to identify the proper way to handle this situation.  Your answer should be about one page in length. Research should include both obtaining advice from a manager currently working in the industry, and other written research you find on library.fiu.edu etc.
  6. Your answer will be graded on the quality of your research, and the plausibility of your method for handling the problem.
  7. To receive full credit, you must list your research sources.

Project 4 Follow All Steps And Directions


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