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Project Requirement Specification Assignment

Project Requirement Specification Assignment.

Guidelines for Project Requirement Specification:

As the emphasis for the course project is mostly on construction, the project requirements do not have to be very formal. Below are some of the elements you can consider including in the project requirements:

  • Scope
  • Description
  • Assumptions and dependencies
  • System features and requirements
    • Functional requirements
    • External interface requirements
    • System features
    • Non-functional requirements.

I am expecting the entire project requirements to be documented in 3 – 5 pages single-spaced. Please note, you are welcome to include other artifacts like UML diagrams, user stories, and use cases (I did not say this myself its part of the assignment).

Points: 100
Due date: 10/13 (Sunday), 11.59 pm

Thank You (:



Project Requirement Specification Assignment


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