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You will choose a topic from the Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide to study more closely. In 4–6 pages, you will compare current knowledge with facts from research and then examine the chosen topic from both a psychological and a theological perspective.

  1. Briefly provide your initial thoughts on the topic. This section will not require source material. The purpose is simply for you to identify what you know about this topic. You may discuss facts, a biblical perspective, the moral dilemma involved in the topic, or just your thoughts around the topic. This section must be 1 page.


  1. Look at the research that has been done on the topic. This section must be well-organized with headings and subheadings and must include at least 4 empirical sources. This section must be 2–3 pages. You may consider, but are not confined to, the following prompts and questions:
  • Check some of what you know against what research has to say. How could this topic affect a marriage or family?
  • What are benefits and consequences of approaching this topic and working through it within the affected family unit?
  1. Compare the psychological and theological perspectives of the topic. The point here is to compare what the research says about the topic to what the Bible says about the topic. Not all of the topics from “The Quick-Reference Guide to Marriage and Family Counseling” are directly mentioned in the Bible. However, you may use biblical principles and discuss similarities and discrepancies found between these 2 perspectives. This section must be 1–2 pages.


  1. The conclusion of this paper must include a good summary of the information provided in the preceding 3 sections. You must also provide an idea for future study of the topic. What further information could be provided in relation to this topic? For example, what are some variables that play a part of depression in marriage? Is depression within marriage easier to work through if the depression is a result of a mood disorder or of circumstances outside of the marriage?


  1. Correct current APA formatting must be implemented throughout this paper, including avoiding first person and using properly formatted citations and headings. A title page and references page must be included; however, an abstract will NOT be necessary for this assignment. Assignment instructions and the grading rubric must be carefully reviewed to ensure that all assignment criteria are met.

Dobson, J. (2000). Complete marriage and family home reference guide. Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. ISBN: 9780842352673.

Psychology homework help


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