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Select 2 different Social Science journals (articles must be within the last 5 years). Also the social science journals, such as Psychological Science, American Psychologist, Current Directions in Psychological ScienceAmerican Sociological Review, American Journal of Sociology, Clinical Psychological Science, Social Forces, Social Problems, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, Psychological Science in the Public Interest, Journal of Marriage and the FamilyCriminology
·  On a word document present a listing of at least 4 articles in each journal and a brief description of them (2-3 sentences should be sufficient and be sure to indicate the type of research used, e.g., descriptive, evaluative, explanatory, exploratory, or review/ theoretical (there are no results presented).
·  Select one of the articles described and propose at least 3 research questions with a brief justification of each.
·  Create two reference citations (one from each journal – this gives you practice with APA reference citations)


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