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 Behavioral Support Plan (attached below as paper)
Select one of the case studies below: (attached below all of the case studies)

  1. Read through your chosen case study,
  2. Complete the Support Planning Chart. It is on the last page of the case study, but a Support Planning Chart word documentPreview the document (attached below as SUPPORT)  is here for your convenience. Please be thorough and reflective in your answers. Use information provided to you throughout the course.
  3. Create a Behavioral Support Plan using all the material gathered throughout the course for the child in your chosen case study,  This is a summary of how best to respond to the child’s behaviors demonstrating supportive measures that could be used to prevent, replace and replace behaviors with stronger social and emotional skills. Use Tim’s Behavior Support Plan as an example to follow.
  • Upload Support Planning Chart and Behavior Support Plan for your case study


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