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Response To My Classmates Discussions In 4HOURStoday150 Words

Response To My Classmates Discussions In 4HOURStoday150 Words.

Post by Nune Vardanyan

2 hours agoRe: Week 2 | Discussion – Who is God?

I have always known that God always has a plan. Even if we may not understand what it may be at first. There is always a reason behind it as well. Which tells me that God is all knowing, all mighty, patient, and caring. Those are the characteristics which were portrayed in Exodus in my opinion. A lot of people become angry and impatient when they fail to realize what Gods plan is at once. But I believe that we must all find it within ourselves to be patient and have faith that what is happening to us has a reason behind it and that God would never lead us towards a situation we could not handle or a situation which would be bad for us.  That is how we would have a stable relationship with God. Just like the Israelites remained patient and never lost their faith, we must do the same. Life is not all about always getting what you want and never being challenged. It is about being challenged, but throughout those challenges remaining true to yourself, your beliefs and in general everything you stand for. This is something I try to always remind myself when going through hard times.

Post by Jennifer AfalavaLilio

1 day agoWeek 2 – Who is God?

Who is God?

  • Think about ways in which God shows up in Exodus. Explore images of God in Exodus by offering 3-4 descriptors of God’s character.

In Exodus, God shows up in various ways. He is whomever He chooses to be, a burning bush, a miracle (staff and snake), a powerful God whose presence is felt and seen and a God of His word, he instructs Moses in Exodus 4:12, “I will help you speak and will teach what to say”.  He is a powerful God that demands obedience. He also showed up as plagues, He would speak and then it would be done. He was clear in the details of His instructions (especially when it came to Passover), a God of order. 

  • Then, suggest implications for what it would mean to have a relationship with this kind of God.

To have a connection with this God would be amazing. He performed miracles; he saved the Israelites from captivity. He showed love, compassion and yet He is still feared because of the miraculous things He did – plagues, parting the Red Sea and saving them from slavery. Blackburn suggests that God did these things so that the Egyptians and the Israelites would know Him (pg.75).  In other words, the Israelites being led out of Egypt was so that all people would know who God is and what He can do, to glorify Him.  The ultimate goal is that God’s people would have a connection with Him and be one with Him, following His instructions. 

Response To My Classmates Discussions In 4HOURStoday150 Words


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