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Review 1

The reviews MUST follow this Format/Content:
A minimum 5 page “Review-of-the-Literature” (double-spaced; one inch margins, with font 12) for each section of assigned readings/materials is mandatory.  There are a total of 3 Reviews.

  1. All the readings for each week of the syllabus should be covered in the corresponding Review. The degree of attention and space you devote to each reading in your review, however, is up to you. The point is not to write a detailed summary of the readings but to identify the key and salient points of each author’s findings and assertions. You can, but you do not need to, write these reviews in essay format; you can simply name the author and identify key arguments/points that you think are most important in that particular reading. Your grade for each review will depend on:
  • A. The comprehensiveness of your coverage, i.e., inclusion of the assigned readings and materials,
  • B. Meeting the minimum of required pages
  • C. Following the format provided here
  • D. Timely submission
  1. A minimum of a 5 page Review on the required readings/materials for every two weeks is mandatory. The Review must be typed double-spaced, with one inch margins and font 12 format.
  2. Must Bold the names of authors
  3. Try to identify key points/main ideas of each reading.
  4. Contrast and compare relevant and related reading materials when a comparison is appropriate.
  5. For the Video/Audio lectures (or conversations) that are required for a review, you need to focus, as is the case with the readings, on identifying a few main ideas and key points.
  6. Avoid long quotations.
  7. Recommended readings and videos are NOT required on the reviews and will not be on the exam.
  8. Readings that are marked as ‘not necessary for reviews’ are not needed for the reviews but may be on the exam.


Needless to say every literature review must be in its entirety the work of the students themselves and not taken from any other sources.


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