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Social Science homework help.  
Maslow’s Theory
In 1954, Abraham Maslow created a model that has been used to identify the importance of satisfying needs in human development and growth. The National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) annual conference in your region (WNWOHS) is coming up soon and you are determined to co-present with a faculty member in your program. The faculty member agrees! Now it is time to write up the proposal to submit to WNWOHS. Address your topic, that summarizes Maslow’s theory and how it can be used to assist other human service professionals for optimal service delivery.
Your presentation should address the following:

  1. Who was Abraham Maslow? Describe briefly.
  2. What was his major contribution to the field of psychology?
  3. How can Maslow’s theory be used to assist human service professionals in providing care, such as abused and neglected children, natural disaster survivors, and homeless persons, for example.
  4. Explain why you find Maslow’s theory to be important so to the human services when working with clients.

Be creative and have fun with this written proposal of your presentation
Your written presentation should be 2-3 pages. Include at least two scholarly references in addition to the course textbook to support your analysis and position.
Provide viable solutions to this issue in the field that are evidenced in the current existing literature. For example, you might focus on homeless veterans with services readily available and outreach programs identifying them, but their resistance to seek out or accept services.

Social Science homework help


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