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Social Work homework help. Choose 1 of the major hotel companies listed below and evaluate both its environmental management program as a whole and the communication of it to interested potential guests via its primary booking site. However, you may notice that this information is not available via the booking site, and you may need to hunt further. This should be noted in your discussion.The companies and primary booking sites are listed below:Marriott International: www.marriott.comHilton Hotels and Resorts: www.hilton.comWyndham Hotels and Resorts: www.wyndham.comStarwood Hotels and Resorts: www.starwoodhotels.comAccorHotels Group: www.accorhotels.comIn your evaluation, please discuss:1. Presentation and Quality of Information: How easy was it to find the information on the booking site?How was the information presented (was it pleasing to the eye, did it make you want to find out more)?Did the company relay information that hotel guests care about?Based on the reading on environmental advertising, what types of appeals or claims did the company employ? Do you believe these were effective?2. Evaluate the overall effectiveness of the company’s corporate social responsibility program in light of the Porter and Kramer article, Strategy & Society, The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility. What does your chosen hotel company do particularly well? Are there areas in which they can improve?

Social Work homework help


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