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Your presentation is your research proposal in outline form. It should be about 10 slides long, and include the following elements, in order:

  • Why you choose this particular research topic (1 slide)
  • What is the theory or theories that you are considering—this is your lit review summary (2-3 slides)
  • Proposed Methodology: how you will operationalize your concept(s), what your population of interest will be, how you plan to find your interviewees or observation setting(s), what kind of questions you will ask (or what kinds of behaviors you will observe & code, for observation), and any challenges you may anticipate. Include how your study will abide by ethical standards, and any elements of reflexivity that impact the project (3-5 slides)
  • Proposed analysis strategy—include what types of coding you plan to use (1 slide)
  • Proposed timeline—make sure this is realistic and includes all steps/phases of the study (1 slide)

A rubric for this assignment can be found under the Progress drop down menu under Rubrics.

Rubric Name: PowerPoint Presenation Rubric

Outstanding (50-41)
10 points
Very Good (40-31)
10 points
Satisfactory (30-21)
10 points
Insufficient (20-11)
10 points
Unacceptable (10-1)
10 points
Presentation Layout
Follows assignment guidelines for what should be included & does not have overly cluttered or overly simplistic slide layout.
Follows most assignment guidelines, slides mostly uncluttered with sufficient detail/info, minor edits recommended.
Follows some assignment guidelines, some slides need considerable edits to be viewer-friendly.
Did not follow most of the assignment guidelines, did not meet minimum slide requirements.
Followed none of the assignment guidelines.
Literature review
Makes clear how prior research & theories inform proposed project, with appropriate citations.
Generally addresses how prior research & theories inform proposed project, could be more specific and have all appropriate citations.
Touches upon how prior research & theories inform proposed project, but not very specific and is light on appropriate citations.
Not enough theory/lit review coverage; confuses your own personal “theory” with academic/sociological lit review; insufficient citations.
No evidence of addressing this component of the assignment.
Proposed methodology
Methodology proposed includes setting, sampling/selection methods, description of IRB/confidentiality procedures, reflexivity (with citations to support).
Includes most of what is listed in the “outstanding” box with minor omissions and/or not enough citations to methodology terminology.
Addresses methodology items listed in “outstanding” box but vaguely. Needs more detail/specifics, and more citations.
Not enough proposed methodology info.
No evidence of addressing this component of the assignment
Proposed analysis strategy & timeline
Analysis strategy includes types of coding learned in class with citations. Timeline is precise, realistic, thorough, includes all steps/components of project. Allows enough time for each task.
Analysis strategy generally good. Timelines is generally realistic and thorough, with minor corrections/additions needed.
Analysis strategy is satisfactorily addressed but without detail or citations. Timeline is given but may be unrealistic, does not include some crucial components, but has basic idea.
Not enough analysis strategy or timeline given.
No evidence of addressing either of these components of the assignment.
Proper spelling and grammar throughout all components of presentation
Excellent– no errors in spelling or grammar.
Mostly good—only few errors in spelling/grammar.
Some errors in spelling and grammar.
Many errors in spelling or grammar.
Unacceptable spelling and/or grammar.


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