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Sociology homework help

Sociology homework help.

Reflection of Book named: The Mis-Education Of The Negro
Author: Carter G. Woodson
The Woodson Series
Reflection Components 2020 AAST
Please respond to EACH question using one paragraph ( 5-7 sentences). You will have a total of 4 paragraphs.
1. Describe in detail the issue(s) addressed in this reading/video. Prior to this reading/video were you familiar with this information? Do you agree or disagree that this information is being addressed in an effective way? Please explain.
2. Please elaborate on three (3) critical points you gathered from this information. Explain how this information is relevant in the discipline of African American Studies.
3. Please explain how this information impacts your understanding of the African American Experience.  Do you believe this information will be useful in your daily life and/or your profession? Please explain.
4. What do you believe would be the consequences if this issue was not addressed? Please elaborate
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Sociology homework help


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