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Software Development Processes Course: First Discussion Topic Assignment

Software Development Processes Course: First Discussion Topic Assignment.

Rubric for Grading Discussion Contributions

Each contribution is worth up to 12 points.



Contribution has content beyond “I agree” or “I disagree”.


Contribution is relevant to the discussion subject


Contribution uses appropriate course material


Contribution provides insight to the discussion topic


Your team has been tasked to develop the first natural language interface creator for your company.

This product will be used to create English and/or Spanish input and output interfaces for existing and new products of your company.
Here are just a few of the requirements for this product:

1. A user must be able to provide input in English and/or Spanish using the vocabulary and normal manner of speaking of that person;

2. The interface should be able to intercept the output of an application and voice that output in a natural sounding manner;

3. A user of your application should be able to specify an input or output interface for an application is less than one hour.
Exactly what additional information would you add to any of these requirements to make them usable for your development efforts?

Software Development Processes Course: First Discussion Topic Assignment


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