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TOPICS FOR YOUR COMPOSITION (You must use verbs in the preterit and the imperfect forms.)
To write your final composition and/or to prepare your oral presentation you must try at least one of the following topics:

  1. La comida: Tell us about what happened the last time you went out for dinner or the last time you served lunch or dinner at home (chapter 7)
  2. De vacaciones: Tell us about the last time you went on vacation or your most amazing vacation time ever.
  3. Las fiestas: Tell us about what happened at the last party you attended or the last party you organized at home
  4. Pasatiempos y quehaceres domésticos:  Tell us about the households you had to do at home and what hobbies or pastimes you did in your free time
  5. La rutina diaria: Tell us how was your day yesterday or a few days ago. Me levanté, me dormí and so on.
  6. Cuéntame tus memorias: Tell us about your childhood memories or your high school memories. Yo fui un buen estudiante en la escuela secundaria. Yo iba a la escuela caminando and so on

IMPORTANT: Check chapter 6 through chapter 10 to get familiar with the structures and vocabulary of the topics mentioned above. You must use verbs in the preterit and the imperfect forms.
Your composition must be a Word document that contains at least 150 words.


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