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Supreme Court


Step 1: Case Selection

Choose one of these landmark Supreme Court cases  https://www.uscourts.gov/about-federal-courts/educational-resources/supreme-court-landmarks

and research for information based on the questions in Step 2.

Step 2: Questions

Answer the questions below to complete a case survey on the case that you chose from Step 1.

  1. What is the background of the case: who was involved, what happened to bring the case to court, where did the case take place, when did the case take place, what other background information is important to know about the case? (10 points)
  2. Why was this case important? What Constitutional issues were questioned in this case? (5 points)
  3. What were other cases related to this case (either before or after) that were affected? (5 points)
  4. Who wrote the important opinions (both Dissenting and Majority), what were these opinions, and what important Constitutional points came from these? (10 points)
  5. What has been the lasting effect of this case on American jurisprudence? (5 points)
  6. After reviewing the case, what is your opinion of the verdict? What evidence have you based this opinion on? (15)
  7. What were your sources? Present at least two sources for your bibliography (include the website name and URL). (5 points)

Step 3: Presentation

Choose one of the following presentation tools to present your answers to the questions under Step 2 for the landmark Supreme Court case you have selected: (5 points)


Genially (opens in a new window)

Users can create infographics using a Google account to sign up for Genially (free account). When you finish your infographic, you will need to make it ”public.” Once it is public, you will need to grab the link and post it in the online text box for the submission. This platform is compatible with computers and tablets. If you need it, they have a Support Center (opens in a new window).

Presentation Tools

Microsoft PowerPoint (opens in a new window)

It is a presentation tool developed by Microsoft, for use on both Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems.

Open Office Impress (opens in a new window)

It is another tool for creating multimedia presentations. It is one of the applications in the Open Office Suite, a free alternative to Microsoft Office. To use Open Office Impress, please download the free Open Office Suite.

Prezi (opens in a new window)

Click “Use Prezi for Free.” Create your free account. Then, view their brief tutorial on getting started (opens in a new window). On this page, see “Share a Prezi” (opens in a new window) and look at “Public Plan Holder.”  The “send this link to anyone you want to see your Prezi” is what you will copy and paste in the online text box in your assignment area to turn in to the course.

Step 4: Submission

Please submit your completed project using the “Add Submission” link below (submitting either the project document [PDF only] and link to the project). This project will be graded according to the marking guide provided.


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