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Terminal Assignment


Elaborate on each of the following:

(A) Three (3) corporate integration strategies (10 marks)

(B) Three (3) corporate Generic Strategies as highlighted by Michael Porter (25 marks)

(C) Five (5) primary activities associated with the value chain of a firm (25 marks)

(D) Any two (2) support activities associated with the value chain (10 marks)

(E) Company examples to support the above (maximum No. of companies = 4 No. and information must be historical) (30 marks)


Learning Outcomes Addressed

LO1 Recognise the importance of information systems/information technology as a source of strategic advantage and/or strategic necessity.

LO2 Apply the tools required for strategic analysis.

LO3 Evaluate business, technological and market strategies that have led to success or failure, and identify the reasons why.


Other relevant information

(1) Wordcount = 3,800 words (4,000 words maximum)

(2) Minimum ‘quality references’ → 12 – 14. This must include 9 No. minimum peer reviewed academic papers i.e. Journals. Other references – Case Studies, Books, Business Magazines etc.

(3) Quotations in italics (to enhance existing work) – not part of the wordcount 

(4) Assessment Grading = 100% (Overall assessment weighting = 70%)

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