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The Google Cultural Institute

Select a work of art to research from The Google Cultural Institute – it can be from any time period and any geographical location.
In a 2-3 page APA paper complete the following:
1. Briefly describe the context of the image. This would include any social, political, personal or historical factors that went into its creation. (This will require a bit of research – so be sure you select a work of art you can find ample information on!)
2. Describe how viewing your chosen work through The Google Art Project might change the way we interact with and understand the image. (Seeing it virtually rather than physically being there.) Is the experience better? Worse?
3. Now use your imagination! Take your work of art out of context and ‘place it’ somewhere else! For example: how would a Renaissance audience react to seeing a Picasso? What if Michelangelo’s David was presented at the Circus? Describe how changing the context of the artwork could change the way we understand it. Be creative and have fun!
***This paper must include a title page and is to be formatted according to APA style guides. !!!This paper is submitted as a SafeAssign and will be scanned for plagiarism.!!!***
If using any outside sources for research be sure to use intext citations as well as including a work cited section at the end of the paper.


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