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The Learning Effect of Magnet School Education Over Public School Education


 The lit review (LR) serves to introduce the reader to your topic and lay the groundwork for your research question. After reading your lit review, the reader should have a good basic understanding of your topic and why your research question is important. You can use the articles from your annotated bibliography, but can also add or subtract some.   

Remember, in writing for research: 

  1. Do not use first person language (I, me, my).
  2. Strive to be objective. Don’t take a position or argue a point. Just give a good, objective review of the research you found. This is not an argumentative or position paper.
  3. Use more formal language—avoid casual language such as “big,” “guy,” “really,” etc. Don’t use exclamation marks (!).
  4. Adhere to APA format in your in-text citations and in your reference list.
  5. Make sure to appropriately cite all sources in the text, and include the reference in the reference list. Remember, if you use a direct quote, you must indicate that by the use of quotation marks and include the page number where the quote can be found.
  6. Use only academic, peer-reviewed sources.
  7. Use of direct quotes should be minimized.  When using a direct quote, be sure to put it in quotation marks and include the page number in the citation ( ex., Smith, 2020, p. 220)

Using the research literature, you found through the development of your annotated bibliography(attached) as a start (with possible additional research, if needed), write an 8-page review of the literature on your topic, using APA format throughout (double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins). 


This number of pages does not include the cover page or reference list.  


You should include a minimum of 12 references from academic, peer-reviewed sources. SCHOLARLY REVIEWS ONLY. FYI – THE ANNOTATED BIBS IN #1771 WERE NOT ALL SCHOLARLY REVIEWS.


You are welcome to include other sources, but they will not be counted toward the mandatory 12 academic sources. You are also welcome to include academic sources that were not in your annotated bibliography. Remember, your annotated bibliography was just a start to get you familiar with the research. You may need to add references that were not in your annotated bibliography.  

Your literature review should: 

  • Have a running header at the top (see Resource).
  • Begin with the level-one header “Literature Review” (bold, centered).
  • Include sub-headers as needed to organize your content.
  • Give the reader an overview of your topic, leading to an understanding of why your research question is important. In your final proposal, the research question will come directly after the lit review.
  • Conclude with a reference list in APA format (do not include the article summaries from your annotated bibliography, just the references).
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