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Topic 2 DQ 2

Topic 2 DQ 2. What is the main issue for your organization in addressing a solution to evidence-based nursing practice? Discuss what might be the first step in addressing and resolving this issue.


Verbal agression and physical agitation  is an ongoing issue within the workplace.Recent studies show that up to fifty percent of all emergency room employees have been physically injured during some point of their career. At the same time, most emergency departments indicate they do not deliver twenty four hour monitoring in these areas (Cooke, 2017). As a nurse in the psychiatric consult service, our team is often consulted to help with these behaviors and respond to what is called a crisis response code. Essentially, a crisis response code is called whenever a patient or visitor becomes increasingly agitated, verbally aggressive to themselves or others and cannot be deescalated by the bedside nurse and other members of the unit. It is felt that many of these codes are necessary as the situation has become unmanageable; however, there are instances in which a therapeutic approach or training in non-violent de-escalation techniques could prove to be effective and in turn a code could be avoided (Cooke, 2017). Within the next year, it is felt that all nursing and direct care staff should undergo formal training in non-violent de-escalation techniques to help avoid staff injury and negative patient outcomes.


Cooke, M. (2017). Getting serious about safe care of behavioral health patients in the emergency department. Retrieved on June 16, 2019 from: https://forum.ashrm.org/2017/07/05/getting-serious-about-safe-care-of-behavioral-health-patients-in-the-emergency-department/

Topic 2 DQ 2


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