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Modern day society is riddled with economic, political, environmental, and social complexities that have sparked a global conversation on the future of energy. Economically, fluctuations in fuel prices, along with the costs associated with regulatory requirements, have caused energy prices to be increasingly volatile. Politically, rhetoric from both conservatives and liberals has split the nation down the middle, while putting pressure on international relationships. Environmentally, energy stakeholders debate the extent to which each should be held accountable for environmental stewardship. Socially, climate change proponents and global warming naysayers have driven the scientific community to the brink. Your group project, spanning Modules 2–8, addresses these complexities affecting the future of energy. Scenario. Leaders across the world have come to the realization that sound solutions are needed in order to address society’s energy concerns. As such, the United Nations (UN) has asked your group to develop a strategic plan to address the needs, wants, and concerns of society (for a country of your choice) as it relates to energy utilization. To do so, your group realizes that it must relinquish all pre-conceptions and take an unbiased look at the existing body of literature on energy. You have approximately seven weeks to research and develop this plan. At the end of the seven weeks, your group is to submit a professional presentation to UN officials for review. Professional presentation specifications. The presentation must be a least 4 slides in length, narrated, submitted as a PowerPoint Show (.ppsx or .pps), and contain the following sections: Energy Supply slide and References slide (does not count towards the slide count)


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