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visual presentation.

Your visual Summary presentation is  the FINAL EXAM. It is  worth  (30) points  by summarizing  the  course (what you have gained in knowledge from research, exploration and reading).  Focus  on at-least 2 key topics  discuss   in detail (cite important artists, stylistic characteristics, and images that you note as significa and   please mention why they are significant, show your knowledge.  (NOTE: the elements and principles are  the base/foundation of this  course, so  when you reference  a work of art  you will discuss the period characteristics and  key principles. and whow they are achieved).
As with any presentation give an overview introduction and end with a conclusion.
Do not forget  to include your understanding of  “FINE ARTS”; the Elements and Principles of  Design and   the  progression of art through history, you may  focus also on a certain period in history.


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