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W6: Research Paper Final Draft

W6: Research Paper Final Draft.

Information governance course:


The purpose of this assignment is for to prepare the final version of your research paper.


Develop the final version of your research paper using the components that you have developed in the course so far. This includes the data you have collected. Thoroughly write to all sections of your research paper.


Research paper, Grammarly evidence, and Certification of Authorship (sample attached) Certificate of Authorship.docx

Submit your assignment to Grammarly. Revise your assignment based upon the results from Grammarly. Submit evidence (such as screenshots) that you submitted and used the Grammarly results. You have two attempts. After submitting your first attempt, view the SafeAssign results, and modify your assignment if needed. The second attempt is your final attempt and will be graded.


W6: Research Paper Final Draft


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