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Watch Video, Answer Questions:

Watch Video, Answer Questions:. Please have a complete and concise answers to all 3 questions:

As a registered nurse, you have gathered many health histories throughout your career. The health history is the story that unfolds with the patient’s genetic history, health practices, nutrition and exercise routine, social and family relationships, spiritual strength, chronic illnesses, and chief complaint. The nurse is responsible for collecting and analyzing that information to plan care in collaboration with the patient. In practice, nurse’s encounter patients from various races, ethnicities, languages, cultures, and beliefs. Culturally congruent care promotes positive outcomes and reduces health disparity.

Directions: Please watch the video “Cultural Competence for Health Care Providers”. Once you have watched the video, please discuss the following with your classmates:

  1. What does the American Nurses Association say about the nurse’s role in cultural competence?
  2. Does the electronic health record used in your facility prompt you to ask culturally relevant assessment questions? Please provide an example of two.
  3. Describe one way you plan on being more culturally inclusive in providing your nursing care in the future.

Watch VideoCultural Competence for Health Care ProvidersDuration: 9:27

Watch Video, Answer Questions:


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