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Week 10 Strayer

1-2 praragraphs


For this week’s discussion, I thought we could try something a bit different.  Specifically, we will complete two brief surveys regarding our preferrred leadership style.  As you know, this is a very important topic for HR leaders at all levels.  Please complete both surveys, and then submit your initial post as directed below:

1. REACH Survey

The REACH survey is a mobile friendly survey that takes about 12 minutes to complete on average. After completing the survey you will receive an easy to interpret report that is written in simple language that is designed for ease of use in a range of settings including self-awareness, team building, leadership development and sales development. There are NO right or wrong answers.

You can get to the survey by copying the following link in your browser:


In your post, please share your preferred leadership style in order to earn full credit.  HINT:  there are four options, and they are all EQUALLY valuable.  There is NO ideal or most desirable style, so please be open and candid in your response.  Please provide a one paragraph summary of your preferred style based on the report provided.

2. DISC Survey

This brief survey provides 4 numbers that indicate your percentage preference with four style components. The survey takes about 3 minutes to complete.  Just like in the survey above, there is NO ideal or most desirable style.  What is best for you is all that matters.  So, please be sure to answer the questions openly and candidly.  For full credit, you must include the % results and labels for the 4 numbers in your post, as provided by the survey results (these appear under the pie chart as Compliance, Influence, Dominance and Steadiness).

You can get to the survey by clicking on the following link:


In addition to providing these numbers in your post, please also provide a paragraph that compares your results from the two surveys.  In other words, how similarly did you answer the two surveys?  Why might you have changed your preferred style (if at all) between these surveys?

Finally, in your reply post, please compare what you learned from this exercise with your fellow student(s).  How might this information be helpful to you in your personal and professional growth?  How might such information equip a team leader to lead more effectively?

***NOTE:  You may use only your initials or even an alias name when registering for the survey (such as “Student 123”).  These are both free surveys, and you will not be contacted by the vendors.  However, to maintain your privacy, you can use an alias name and email address if you would like.

We look forward to an engaging and enlightening discussion!


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