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Week 5-Discussion

Week 5-Discussion.

 I need initial Post of 150 words and two replies of 75-100 words on other students post. I attached the reply document which contains the replies of other students.


This week’s readings and resources focused on understanding the psychological aspects of conflict within social or professional groups.  As professionals and workers, we have experienced on-the-job conflict—in some fashion.  Reflect on your work experiences and create a short autobiographical sketch, using approximately 150-300 words, of a time where you experienced conflict at work.

Make sure the autobiographical sketch includes:

  • The story of the conflict
  • Those involved in the conflict
  • The point of contention/frustration driving the conflict
  • Whether the conflict was handled
  • If it was handled, what was the resolution?
  • If it was not handled, how would have you handled it?

Remember to integrate the concepts and ideas of this course into your autobiographical sketch.

Remember to include at least one APA citation and the associated reference.  You should post by Wednesday at 11:59 PM, PST and post substantive responses (50 words) to at least two class members by Sunday at 11:59 PM, PST.

Did you create index or flash cards using a service like Brainscape or another sharable format?  If so, please feel free to share your cards in the forum!

Week 5-Discussion


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