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Week 5 Questions And 3 Short Essay NO MINIMUM WORD COUNT AND 7 QUESTIONS

Question 1
__________ refers to the degree to which an organization is able to meet its goals and objectives.
Organizational effectiveness
Organizational management
Organizational productivity
Organizational efficiency
question 2  
Which of the following types of training will be the least  beneficial for employees who do not possess good computer skills or  self-motivation?
Employee initiated
Question 3
Which of the following is true about filing a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
Claims are filed by employers who wish to legally dismiss employees.
Claims can be brought by present and past employees as well as by job applicants.
EEOC claims can be very costly for the employee.
The employee bears a large burden of proof in documenting the work environment was indeed discriminatory.
Which of the following would NOT necessitate job redesign?
Mergers and acquisitions
Enhancing the motivational potential of a job
Business growth
High unemployment rates
__________ may be offered to employees for purposes of career  development, either on- or off-site. It can take the form of workshops,  university classes, or courses offered by consultants.
Professional certification
On-the-job training
Formal education
Self-paced training
In which of the following are employees most likely to become fatigued because of the longer workdays?
Compressed work weeks
Job sharing
__________ refers to the extent to which the job’s demands are  compatible with the capabilities of the incumbent and the job meets the  needs and preferences of the incumbent.
Person-vocation fit
Person-job fit
The psychological contract
Person-organization fit
1.)short essay- Considering the changes impacting many different industries, some  companies are forced or eager to operate at a global level.  Please  discuss some implications and challenges globalization presents to HR  professionals within a particular industry of your choice. Provide  industry-specific examples portraying your understanding of global  challenges HR teams may face within that particular arena.
2.) short essay- Mr. Jagger is the manager for Quick Express Ltd. This small company  provides courier service to local businesses in the East Metro. The  company is experiencing a 30% increase in their customer base.  Mr.  Jagger is faced with the challenge of hiring more employees to  accommodate this large increase in growth. He is a fairly new manager  and has concerns about his limited knowledge of recruitment methods and  staffing practices.
What steps should Mr. Jagger take to make sure he hires the right people for the company?
3.) short essay- Organizations are increasingly operating in ambiguous yet dynamic  environments.  Do these new organizational environments dictate more or  less human resource planning activity? Why or why not? Support your  answer.


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