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What are some notetaking strategies?

1.  Write a 50- to 175-word e-mail to a student that discusses the strategies you are learning about this week. Ensure you include answers to the following:

· What are some notetaking strategies?

· What are some tips to sort through vast amounts of information on the web? How do you ensure you are finding authoritative information?

· How can developing good study habits help you to avoid plagiarism in your future studies or in the workplace?

Tip: When writing your e-mail, review the sections in Chapter 7 titled, “Writing Effective E-Mail Messages” and “Netiquette: Showing Civility on the Web.”

Answer the question with 100 word minimum using Literature: P.O.W.E.R Learning Chapter 4   

1. What new strategies did you learn to address test taking?  How so you address your test anxiety and use it for gain?

Answer the question with a minimum of 100 words.  Plagiarism video attached and Academic Strategies for review. 

2. What is plagiarism?  After viewing the video, how many times in week one or two did you come close to or unknowingly plagiarize?  What is APA Style and citation use?




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