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What are the most important forces that will oppose you or stand in your way of reorganization?

Choose a health care problem and answer the following questions

1. Define the problem – write a brief and specific explanation.

2. Is the problem level Macro or Micro?

3. What factors affect the previous levels?

4. What is the area of health service that underlies the problem?

5. What is the level of problem in the health care pyramid (there are 3 levels)?

6. Which health care organizations are concerned with the problem (one or more)?

7. Is the problem involved in a particular health sector (general, special, …) or more or mixed?

8. Apply this problem in the health care system (Inputs, Outputs, Process, Feedback).

9. What are the objectives and policies related to the problem? (A) Objectives (B) Policies

10. Evaluate (pros and cons) the problem based on available resources, health organizations that deal with them, management style and solutions provided by these organizations.

11. What level of manager is required in order to solve this problem and is there more than one level required?

12. What is the proper organization of the problem and why, and is there a real need to regulate it?

13. Can informal regulation be applied to them and why?

14. Apply the steps of organizing it.

15. Should the existing regulatory situation be reorganized and what are the main reasons and how (the approach can be used)?

16. What are the most important forces that will oppose you or stand in your way of reorganization?

17. What are the most important strategies governing the problem and what is its level?

18. Apply the steps of the strategic plan with the elements of the external and internal environment and elements of the plan.

19. Choose a medical technique that fits the problem and explains how to apple it


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