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What research questions about procrastination would you like to explore if you were an experimental scientist?

-1 post, 2 replies

Please make a total of at least three contributions ( = separate posts, at least two of them in the form of replies) to the discussion forum, as detailed below. You need to make at least one contribution to each of the topics a), b) and c).

a) Procrastination
Complete the Procrastination Self-Assessment, [click here to open questionnaire in a new window], and read either one of the articles on procrastination (your choice): either Tice & Baumeister (1997), or Ariely & Wertenbroch (2002). Here in the forum, address any or all of the following questions, or add your own related ideas:

  • Do you think the questionnaire covered important aspects of procrastination? Could you think of other questions that should be added?
  • Share your thoughts about either of the research articles about procrastination.
  • What research questions about procrastination would you like to explore if you were an experimental scientist?

b) Implementation intentions
Read the article on implementation intentions by Brandstaetter, Lengfelder & Gollwitzer (2001). The article uses more jargon than necessary, but don’t worry if you don’t understand everything. Just keep reading and you’ll get the basic ideas and findings.
Share your thoughts about the technique that is described and tested in this paper. For example:
Try to apply this technique to a goal you have in your own life (this can be unrelated to the decision you’ve been working on). How could forming implementation intentions help you with that goal? What would your own implementation intention sound like? Most of you have probably already used this technique in order to get things done, without knowing the research about it. Share some examples of how this has (or has not) worked for you in the past.

c) Share your own recipe – best tips on how to avoid procrastination
Even though probably all of us struggle with procrastination once in a while (or all the time), the good news is that you are actually all experts on how to overcome it (if you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here). I am assuming that all of you have figured out certain techniques that help you personally if you need to avoid procrastination (even if they don’t work all the time…), and I think we could all benefit from exchanging those techniques. Share your own experiences and tips on how to minimize procrastination and get things done. If possible at all, relate your own experiences to at least one of the research articles above.

Grading: please make sure your discussion posts fulfill the requirements as detailed in the syllabus.
Total max points: 12 points (3×4 points). 

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