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What would help us do better, motivate us, etc.?

Assignment 12 CT – 502

Critical Thinking: Personal Development Plan

Create your own development plan as it applies to the current organization with which you are involved or an organization you hope to work for in the future.

In your plan, address your

plan objectives, the content of your plan, and the development activities.

Keep the following in mind:

· You are writing your own development plan. First complete an assessment of your professional needs and/or deficiencies and career plans (e.g., complete Master’s degree) and then write the plan. Assume you are submitting the development plan to your instructor, the manager.

No citations or references are required for this assignment. This should be a candid assessment of your professional needs/deficiencies and career plans. It can be written in paragraph form . 4 paragraph with titles ( brief introduction, plan objectives, the content of your plan, and the development activities.

· Your plan should be 3-4 pages in length (this page count does not include the cover page, which is required).

Brainstorming Ideas for Professional / Personal Development

Consider what you want to learn, improve, etc. What would help us do better, motivate us, etc.? Samples include:

· Communities of practice

· Knowledge and skills

· Learning opportunities to gain new knowledge, skills

· Achievements

· Scholarship

· Collaboration and partnerships

· Social opportunities

· Celebrate and acknowledge frequently (positive feedback)

· Organizational opportunities for growth

Resources and information needed

· Time

· Communication and information

· Tools

· People

Personal information

· I am a Clinical laboratory Technologist working at healthcare science Collage, as a Laboratory demonstrator . in Saudi Arabia.

· I am licensed from Saudi Commission for Health Specialties .

· I demonstrate lab experiment for preparatory levels students include ( biology , Chemistry and Microbiology)

· And Pharmacy student different courses include ( Toxicology , pharmaceutics , cosmetics , drug analysis , analytical chemistry and instrumental analysis)

· My work include preparing the reagent required and demonstrate the experiment, operating special instrument like HPLC , GC , Spectrophotometer , autoclave , microscope.

· Continuously I attend a workshops and medical conference in order to improve my career.

· I have 6 years experience as laboratory demonstrator .

· I enroll in Health Care management Master in order to improve my knowledge as well my career.

· I plan to be a lecturer then instructor in my profession .

· After finishing the master I plan to enroll in PhD program.


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